Is it only me?

In "To Stream or Not To Stream" I put forward that we are not experiencing net neutrality,
and service providers seem not too concerned about being seen to rectify this problem. It
is a subject that they prefer to side step, and simultaneously brush it under the carpet.

Recent consumer programmes and some written articles have uncovered true owner of the
smoking gun.

Rather than supplying the speeds that we are expecting the get out is the inclusion of two
words "up to". The problem is that to fit the cable that needed for the fastest speeds we are
seduced by our service provider need to obtain permission from BT to fit the said cable.

So why are our service providers not writing to
BT, why are BT reluctant to let other service
providers know this and why are they so
loathing in granting the necessary permission.

While the above is valid I am more concerned
with why our service providers appear
to be compliant.

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