Reinventing the Wheel

The stand up comedian Jackie Mason does a routine within his amazing repertoire that demonstrates
that even with an incredible career that he is still up to date and observing the world. The one that
has me agreeing with him and please for give me if I miss quote, is about a CEO/Managing Director
of a company, a person who has climbed the corporate ladder, to whom success has been the only
option, a person with the ability to reach and surpass the goals of a career that only lesser individuals
can only be in ore of. I write of the Alan Sugars, the Richard Branson's, those who sit in judgement in
the Dragon's Den, and even the Donald Trump's of this world. These are all highly successful people
and yet they type there own letters. No its true they type their own letters, it's just called email. And
that's the point Jackie Mason hilariously makes, that by giving a new name to an admin job it
becomes hip and now. But don't call it what it is, that way we can all feel that we are reaching our
potentials, as we email contacts, make deals and set up meetings.
But don't take the "E" in email away.

The latest reinvention of the wheel that drew my attention is advertised on commercial radio, and I
find myself laughing or feeling like Oliver Hardy after Stan Laurel has implemented another
catastrophic scheme. Ladies and gentlemen may I present for your delectation and appreciation the
electric marvel that is the next stage of evolution, not since the change from Gregorian to the Julian
calendar has such a marvel been presented to us to be a one stop shop for solving the day to day
complexities of time and appointment keeping, I give you "WhosOff".

With this amazing software application that you and your company shouldn't be without I quote
from the their website.

Using "WhosOff" you are able to manage your staff leave from one central place, whether
it be at the office in London, or using your iPhone whilst visiting the Kuala Lumpur office.

Manage your staff leave from anywhere in the world
From 4 to 4,004 staff, size is not an issue
No more need for leave request faxes to be sent across the continent
All you need is an internet connected PC
Or, use one of our smartphone apps whilst you're out of the office

No matter how I approach it or how a I skew the perspective "WhosOff" is just a calendar. Someone
has to input and manage the information. It's a calendar, it may have attractive packaging, its a
calendar, it may have amazing claims, but its just calendar.

I'm off to rub two USB cables together in the hope of rediscovering fire.

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