DVD Covers
I love Blu ray and DVDs before them I loved video tape! Andl I shall probably adore the format that is yet to come. The packaging however is altogether
a different matter.

Thank the Lord that I am not going to judge a book by its cover or even a DVD*. Not only do box sets take up space with unnecessary packaging that
Amazon envy’s+, but more often than not the design shows a lack of knowledge for the contents and a bypass regarding imagination.

On this page are alternate designs, for individual discs and re-boxed in space saving packaging. Freeing my shelves from the groaning weight of
unnecessary cardboard and plastic.

These where done for fun and nothing else, And sit on my shelf and no copyright infringement is intened

*Dead Snow is the exception to the rule.
+See series One Doctor Who original packaging.

Kathy Gale, Emma Peel or Tara King, The Avengers women where equals. Hence the placement of the characters next
to the non changing and dapper John Steed. From 1961 to 1966 the programme was in black and white which
is why the covers are in colour from 1967.

960's Batman was psychedelic and full of colour and I have always wondered why covers for this Batman have been dull.
The Animated Series was labelled Deco Noir and used shadow and subliminal detail, yet the box sets were bright
gerrish lacking in subtly. The same with Batman The Brave And The Bold, totally ignoring the Golden Age of comics
source material The Birds Of Prey left out two thirds of the cast and looks like an Underworld rip off.

Not an official collection, a space saving exercise to put
them into one box, and using the iconic Bogart Image of
the fedora hat and rain coat. And as his films were in
black and white so to is the cover.

James Cagney could be a gangster or hero, even
a song and dance man. Yet he was always the
no non-sense tough guy doing what needed to be
done, so I created a search light inserted the
image and with Photoshop use a drop shadow to
create the final look while adding his signature
as the title.

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From 1963 to 1989 each new Doctor came a new set of titles here I opted to reflect each era with the new log and its opening.



The new series has story arcs and resolutions so to mirror this, the design
incorporates this and the logo and titles as the classic series.

If you are wondering why no 12th Doctor I didn't like any series


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Harold Lloyd was one of the silent film’s greatest
innovators. He did make the transition to sound,
and yet is so often over-looked.


ITC produced in the 1960s and early 1970s filmed series that were often quirky and one step to the right of reality.

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Produced by Bruce Timm Justice League and Jusitce League Unlimited this was a series was a follow-up to Batman the Animated Series and The Superman Adventures. The Deco Noir was taken in a new bold pallet and its opening titles used images that became as iconic and recognizable as the characters themselves. Here I have reflected the darker
tone of the show and its cast.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen was Steam Punk before Steam Punk. Set at the turn of the twentieth century I opted to create a cover in the style of Sydney Paget, the illustrator the Sherlock Holmes stories for
The Strand Magazine

In the Laurel and Hardy Collection there are over 20 discs. So I used two boxes and created a spine design that
covers both boxes seen on the


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I wanted to stay away from the Deer Stalker Hat and Inverness Cape that has become so cliché, and only worn by
Basil Rathbone twice. Despite this that is always the image used by designers.



For this spine design I chose to link all the captains and their commands, whether it is star ships or a space station.

For its time the George Reeves Superman series was
ground breaking and with the black and white series very
close to the comics. Yet with a wealth of pictorial source
material they opted for cheap comic book style.I focused
on the images just before the show starts.

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