When Nick Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister it was hoped that the SDP would be the conscience
of the government. Instead we had what appeared to be a man who had sold his soul.

It was no surprise that the voters took revenge at election time and SDP MPS were ousted, the
collateral damage took with it Lynne Featherstone. Her work against female circumcision and
the passing of bills as the same sex marriage are just two areas that she and her team made
real progress with and in the latter it became a right, and not a far off utopia.

There was fantastic work within the constituency, all forgotten. I don't know if our new MP
will be any good it is too early to say, I leave this page as it was written at the time so
that her work and that of her staff should not be filed away, and possibly forgotten.

I was once told that, when voting, to look for the right person and not the party. MPs always get
a hard time. As with any group of individuals, there are those who tarnish every one. For exactly
the opposite reason, I wish to single out my local MP. Since Lynne Featherstone has been
elected as my Boroughís Member of Parliament, the improvements are both visible and tenable.

Playgrounds that were left closed and in disrepair have been reopened and are once again usable,
A&E departments have been saved , the restricting of the public access to the Wood Green police
station abandoned and safe speed limits on the roads brought into action.

Itís not only the greater issues of her constituents as a whole that I have seen improve,but those
of individuals. For myself, there have been occasions where her office has been the only place left
to go, and some when it has been the first port of call.There have been times when I have seen the
vulnerable in society left in limbo, and Lynneís office has always been there, with phone numbers
support and, where necessary, phone calls and letters for those who need it.

I and others have found that those who answer our complaints and calls for help have always
been dealt with in a kind and compassionate nature. Not Just from Lynne, but those who often
get over-looked, those who staff her office. So I would like to give them a name check and say
thank you on behalf of all those you have helped. Sometimes itís all hands to battle stations
and sometimes it is a phone number. Maybe if others had the same concern, there would be no
need to call on your advice and practical help.

So thank you, in alphabetical order, from the bottom of my heart;
Kirsty Allan
Thuranie Aruliah
Ed Douglas
Jenni Hollis
Tom Southern
Roxy Squire

And of course, Lynne Featherstone.
I was once told that when voting that it is best to look for the right person and not the
party, I hope the above confirms the words spoken.

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