With the Internet the world is only a click away, so what ever you business today you can’tafford not to have
some form of online presence you can rest as you can be assured that your competitors will.
If you want to be ranked number one forget it. Unless you have limitless funds for search engine
submissions no one and I mean no one can make this a promise, unless you are already the
brand leader.

Your site should be aiming at getting visitors to the correct information in the least possible clicks.
Showing them why you have the USP that they need. Then and only then you can turn a visitor
into a customer.

This can be done with so often overlooked ways to drive traffic to your site and using your
site as an integral part of your company.

I have helped companies and individuals create a presence, increased traffic and then sales. But
it is not all online transactions and don’t expect something for nothing……

Oh alright here is something...

• Your site must download quickly
• Images must be sharp and clear
• Navigation must be accurate and easy to use
• Information must be concise

If one is missing from the above, redesign you site, if one or more is not true,
scrap the whole thing and start again.
The best piece of free advice is never have a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction Page”
as you have just given the surfer the opportunity to visit your competitors.

If you want and effective and valuable tool then don’t under estimate the power of a good
website and simple ecommerce methods that will make your site an integral part
of your company.

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