Professional Profile
I love web design, seriously I love Web Design, I have an excellent working knowledge of writing bespoke HTML, I have also written and taught an
intensive course for Web design that also included animation, Flash animation and Gif plus eCommerce.

I pride myself on being accurate and fast, tight deadline never cause me a sweat, so much so that I have often been called upon to help design
houses to keep theirs. I have an education in both fine arts and applied video film and photography at degree level. The latter has been
invaluable to layout and design. PC monitors are after all nothing more than Televisions for the net.

Photoshop and Notepad are my tools of choice and I have used both video and sound editing software with the end result being online presentations.

In spare time I have acting on a voluntary basis with HAVCO in north London helping individuals and charities with their online profile
achieving their goals and demystifying the formidable task.

Currently I am working on a personal project which is an Easter egg site, (not the chocolate type) hidden within my professional one. I have
been contacting artist musicians and video makers to bring their same point of insparetion under one umbrella with links to their own sites.

1996 - present
• Hand coded bespoke raw HTML websitesfrom scratch
• Hosting and registering domain names
• Optimizing HTML code reclaiming web space for site
  expansion and devotement
• Creation and implementation of online designs,
  strategies and digital solutions
• Ecommerce
• Assisting other web based companies to meet deadlines.
• Meta tags.
• Authoring and teaching of an intensive HTML evening course.
• Voluntary work.

• Photoshop
• ImageReady
• Flash and gif animation
• AVS and Window’s video editors
• Adobe audition
• Acoustica mp3 audio mixer

• Reading especially anything by Terry Prachet and Graphic novels
• Films DVDs television Theatre
• Redesigning DVD covers
• Music; creating new tracks remixing
  others and of course listening.
• Fashion with a love of hats and tie pins
• Painting not just walls
• Video editing and making
• Occasional autograph collector
• Keep Fit

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