Professional Profile
My passion is for raw bespoke HTML pushing the coding to do the lion's share for optimum display and fast downloading. 10 years
plus hands-on working knowledge of HTML. The tools of choice are Notepad and PhotoShop.

Being accurate is a necessity not an abmition.

I've worked with designers and designers houses specificity to meet their deadlines. Having been recruited to teach their evening
classes in HTML website design at DCT (then located in Kings Cross and to be). I re-wrote the syllabus and the course notes.

The Course;

  • Tailored made websites
  • Bespoke Raw HTML
  • Hyperlinks
  • Tables
  • Photoshop
  • Creating graphics
  • Optimizing HTML code
  • Reclaiming web space
  • Creation and implementation of online designs
  • Strategies and digital solutions
  • Registering domain names
  • Hosting
  • Ecommerce
  • Meta tags
  • Online forms
  • Video
  • Animation GIF and Flash
  • Sound design on the net
  • Uploading/Up dating

  • Web designers need to be intuitive, able to multitask, be adaptable, have time management skills, can blend invisibly new
    with old, while keeping a sites relevant to the it's industry and it's visitors.

    1996 - present
    • Hand coded bespoke raw HTML websitesfrom scratch
    • Hosting and registering domain names
    • Optimizing HTML code reclaiming web space for site
      expansion and devotement
    • Creation and implementation of online designs,
      strategies and digital solutions
    • Ecommerce
    • Assisting other web based companies to meet deadlines.
    • Meta tags.
    • Authoring and teaching of an intensive HTML evening course.
    • Voluntary work.

    • Photoshop
    • ImageReady
    • Flash and gif animation
    • AVS and Window’s video editors
    • Adobe audition
    • Acoustica mp3 audio mixer

    • Reading especially anything by Terry Prachet and Graphic novels
    • Films DVDs television Theatre
    • Redesigning DVD covers
    • Music; creating new tracks remixing
      others and of course listening.
    • Fashion with a love of hats and tie pins
    • Painting not just walls
    • Video editing and making
    • Occasional autograph collector