34 reasons why Bruce Timmís Batman in Batman the Animated Series is betterthan the live action serious Batman films


1. Style complementing content.

2. We actually see Batman do detective work.

3. Solves crimes in 20 minutes and 12 seconds, including opening and closing titles and if he is
    really finding it hard it can take 40 minutes and 24 seconds with the inclusion of a recap..

4. Every frame is a work of love.

5. Created a believable Batman with a believable world to inhabit.

6. Origins are enhanced not diluted. .

7. Solved 93 crimes not including Mask of the Phantasm or the Mystery of the Batwoman.

8. When Kevin Conroy uses his batman voice he doesnít sound like an arsehole.

9. Doesnít need cumbersome body armour.

10. Doesnít have a costume that is all black and can still hide in plain site.

11. When first meeting a new nemesis he doesnít end up killing them so they are never seen again.
     (In the comics Batman doesn't kill!)

12. Recurring villains like the comics, because Batman doesn't kill! See above..

13. Does not just go after Super villains, also takes on Gangsters, muggers, pickpockets and con-men.

14. Bruce Wayne actually helps worthy causes.

15. A believable Bruce Wayne.

16. Exceptional and innovated use of Batmanís bat image.

17. Well thought out and useful Bat gadgets..

18. Makes Batman super cool even when not in Gotham City.

19. Alfred is actually of use..

20. Alfred doesnít let just anyone into the Batcave.

21. And if Alfred was not in this series he would leave a hole.

22. Bruce Wayne doesnít reveal he is Batman to every pretty face.

23. Although not our world it is a world that has laws of logic.

24. Far more in-depth characters.

25. Great story lines.

26. Does not mind using the original source material.

27. The cape and cowl and look were only enhanced not butchered by the designers.

28. Commissioner Gordon and Batman work together.

29. Batman actually scares the shit out villains.

30. He can do the above with a lift of an eyebrow, which is amazing as he wears a cowl.

31. This Batman would make you think twice before you commit a crime.

32. Gotham PD has Policewomen and strong female characters. How many can you count in the
      Burton, Schumacher and Nolan films.

33. The Batman and Superman animated movie Batman kicks Supermanís candy white arse with
      a tiny piece of Kryptonite.

34. Attention to detail and continuity puts the big box office directors to shame.

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