I have been verbally abusive and on occasion I have put the boot in.

What I am admitting to?

Net neutrality and how the absence of this is why my PC has more than one dent.

There are days when rebooting (see web speak pages in this site).
while ignoring the fact that my desk top is only the messenger as I reach for
my hammer brandishing in a threatening stance screaming obscenities that would
make David Milch re-think the dialogue he just written for Ian MaCshane.

Net neutrality despite its title is a positive. If you were angry that sites you
have tried to visit and then lost patients as downloading grinds to a halt, we
go somewhere else we type the BBC's url or even Google to make sure that
we are still online.

For my generation and that of my parents whose dream of 56k modem performing at its
highest capacity, we are confused, broadband routers and modems that appear to be
slower than the Post Office on pension day.

Broadband and its service providers are still not delivering on its promises of "up to speeds".

"Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable
access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without
favouring or blocking particular products or websites".

Try it out find a specialised site or a fan site one off the beaten track, then see how it
downloads compared with the news providers, why do these sites continue to perform
higher speeds

Don't forget cookies that follow you around the internet. I bought online a pair of prescription
lenses and frames. Now every time I log in to my email account Microsoft keep putting adverts
on the right hand side of the screen, to sites that I briefly visited while searching for a deal,
or spent time browsing but no transaction. Ads for the sites I did purchase goods from, in this
case the ads keep telling me of the item I have already bought. Bandwidths are blotted and
constipated due to unwanted and unsolicited animated adverts. You can't go anywhere without being
monitored, CCTV in the high street cookies on the internet. George Orwell and Patrick MacGoohan
predicted such societies at the start of the 50s and the late 60s. Nigel Kneale (author and
creator of Quatermass)The Year Of The Sex Olympics with its predictions of reality television
that was first shown in 1968. He must own a crystal ball.

Some sites do have fast download speeds and usually one with a large bank balance as cookies
are demonstrating. What do we all do when a site is taking to long, we go to another site.and if
that site doesn't fill our screens quick enough we will go to another and so on until we find
a site that does exhibit the speeds we want. If we stayed with the first choice it might have
loaded by now, patients is a rare and elusive commodity when surfing the net.

Coarsened to the sites that service providers prefers, subsequently we revisit these sites,
they become our first port of call. To quote Russell T Davies "It's just a matter of emphasis,
the right word, repeated often enough......".
I'll let you finish that one.

I was chatting with my 12 year old Nephew, to whom missing a TV programme is not an option
with repeats , Sky's, Virgin's and Freeview's hard disc one touch series link recorders,and
catch up TV on almost every channel. Never to concern himself with labelling and mislaying
of cumbersome VHS tapes. The internet's wealth of information that educates and lends a hand
with homework essays and projects, the increable visual libary and reference material. He is
frustration with how his computer connects to the net. He gave me his take on how some sights
load faster than others. Slow downloads and a lack of flash animation that appears not to be
streaming (more of that in another blog). He could not understand why his connection or
anyone's should not be subjected to Net Neutrality. There is a light at the end of a tunnel.

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