No sooner than I have finished uploading my blog on the how everyone is supposedly jumping
on the band wagon to get domain names with .uk at the end suddenly we who live in the capital
of the for now Great Britain there comes from round the corner The domain “.london”

Articles written by those who would like us to believe that they are in the know and have a finger
on the pulse have all gone quiet and are keeping their heads down and so they should.

The internet is an access portal to information and products from around the world, it at is best
removed barriers for the exchange of information, has made networking actually achievable. In
some cases removed the middle people. It is now becoming a platform for global entertainment, leaving viewers with more power than before.

At worst the search engines are making money hand over fist for those who want to be high in
the rankings of any search submitted. There is an underbelly of truly abhorrent and deviants and those who sole purpose is to relieve you of your hard earned money.

The Scamming that is one of many of my bugbears is the acquiring of domain names. And
as .london is now available I must draw your attention to what I said in my last blog

"Overnight success means only two things on the net, patients of a saint or unlimited pay per click budget."

So when someone tells you this is the latest thing my advice, wait awhile and time will tell, not the salesman.

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