When I heard David Cameron’s idea that to make the internet a safer place we can now
ask our service providers to block adult content websites, I had to laugh.

The internet is one of those things that we now seem to be unable to live without and we
wonder on how we ever managed before. It baffles us as to those who don’t use a PC,
a Mac, the library, iPad (other tablet devices are available) internet café, or WAP
(mobile phone/cellphone) can be aloud to go on breathing. And if you are not part of a
social network the town stocks are being dusted down for you.

Along with all the advances that come in the last ten years are that group of people who are
ever present to empty our rainy day funds, nest eggs or basic living expenses accounts.

If you have an email account then the chances that you have not received an email from
a Prince of an African nation wanting to deposit funds into your bank account are akin to
Chris Rock doing a benefit for the KKK.

And its not just emails, pop-up blockers are now in danger of the trades description act.
As windows open faster than an astronaut unlocking his visor after a plate of space beans.

Fake surveys that lie to us! Tell us that we have won a prize or have the chance to take
part in an introductory offer. These sites are designed to lead you away from the terms
and conditions or have the terms and conditions link hidden as the same colour font as
the page, thus allowing search engine spiders to rate the site as okay. What these sites
do is sign you up to a subscription because they have coned us into giving them our
bank details to pay for the P&P. And the money taken is not enough for the banks to be
too concerned about or just falls short of their insurance or is totally negated by the fact
you just visited their sites. It is all hidden in the very hard to find or misdirected terms and
conditions page. As if buy magic you money has gone, and like all magicians it is a trick.
If it sounds too good to be true on the World Wide Web then chances are it is. A cliché,
well a cliché is only cliché due to a repeated fact.

But it’s not only the magicians who are out there, when visiting a site you may be allowing
the illicit download of spy ware/Trojans onto your device. Yet again just by visiting the
site means you have agreed to the ever present get out of jail free card the terms and

But the one that really gets my goat is the ransoming of PCs. This is when a software
company’s banner appears and tells you your PC is under threat. Sometimes you can
ignore this and that’s the end of it. Now due to ever faster broadband speeds a PC can
be hijacked in seconds. What happens is that you can no longer use the said machine
for anything. Your browser opens and tells you your PC is in urgent need of eliminating
three or more deadly viruses, and the only way to do this is to purchase the software
being shown to you. Try as you might the only thing your PC will allow you to do is
visit their website to fix the problem.

The truth, there is nothing wrong with your PC, it is being held to ransom. And if you
don’t know someone who can circumnavigate this programme you are going to have
to pay to have your own property released to you.

Then there is the phone call from your service provider asking you to log on and
safeguard your PC by visiting a website, which on visiting lets unauthorised people
look at you files. And the list goes on and on and on.

So when David Cameron tells us opting out is for our own moral safety and that of our
offspring I laugh out loud. If we don’t want to view websites with adult content then
we don’t have to visit them. But the fraudsters, conmen and thieves are allowed to mislead
and misrepresent themselves in order to make money and can rest easy in the knowledge that
legislation and international law takes a relaxed attitude to them while the notion that
you or I might glimpse a naked body sends every one into policing the morals of a
supposedly grown-up nation.

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