And low did there come another domain dot name. Okay sarcasm apart I have been reading
about the latest addition to the domain registration. I speak or in this case write

While claims of record numbers rush to join the .uk bandwagon, I say for the record that we
have all been here before. .biz was the same as everyone went mad and tried to buy up
potential domain names that they might be able to sell on for inflated prices. While this practice
known as cyber squatting is supposed to be illegal it still happens.

According to reports! I also have no idea where these reports were complied but according
to them “Some 93 percent of users said that .uk would be their first choice of destination”.
Nice sound bite but it says means nothing. Success on the internet relies on many things
including a bucket load of luck thrown into a suitcase of chance, we all know how important it
is to have a www, because it is often the first point of contact potential customers.

But to say that a .com or .net even a is going to give a site its vital mystery ingredient that
will propel a site to the top of any search engine, or create consumer trust in a brand. No no no,
you are a flim flam artist. The most import thing to get right from the start is you domain name.
Seriously once you, have decided on what comes before the dot then what follows is immaterial.

If you are brand leaders like Coca Cola, Bentley, Jaguar, Vidal Sassoon even National Express Coaches,
will the visitor to your site really care about what the address ends with as long as they can find you?
Do you think that anyone who wants information from the Coca Cola or Bentley motors websites is
more inclined to visit these sites or have more trust just because of the extension of what comes
after the dot? As long as the brand leader has its brand as the first part of the domain then we trust it,
not where the site is located. Even then I could register a a .de a .fr or .biz from anywhere
in the world and have it hosted from anywhere in the world.
Overnight success means only two things on the net, patients of a saint or unlimited pay per click budget.

The truth make you domain relevant to you and your site, and easy to remember and be careful. I know
of client’s son who wanted to by his girlfriend her own domain name as a birthday present. Her name
Asha Gill, finding that the domain he wanted was taken he opted for several variations until he came up
with Asha G, unfortunately when this was typed into an address bar it reads as
True story.

Summing up, you website will not gain worth or creditability or instant trust from the extension of
the domain, this can only be done through the website itself and how you use it. If some is saying
join the bandwagon question their motives and remember this industry is referred to as
the .com marketplace.

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