I have been watching Wayward Pines, staring Matt Dillon as Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke, who is trying to find missing
agent Kate with whom he had an affair that almost ended his marriage. Dillon’s character arrives in the town of Wayward Pines.
Shortly afterwards he has a car accident, waking up in the town’s hospital his wallet is missing and anything with his ID,
despite all his efforts Burke is unable to reach the world beyond Wayward Pines. The premises is intriguing and well written
and joins the list of TV shows that owe a debt of gratitude to the 1967 British produced cult classic the Prisoner.There are
the familiar and well trodden twist whom not to trust, and a reveal that becomes a burden instead of enlightenment to those who
find it. Certainly worth a watch.

Ask anyone about a 1960s TV programme “the Prisoner” and they will tell you about;

The big white balloon

The Village

The Pennyfarthing

Number 6

Regatta Attire

A man in a highly sensitive government job walks into his employer's office and resigns, returning home he is gassed and
falls unconscious. Upon waking he finds himself in an isolated self sufficient, self contained community known only as
"the Village". The Village is populated with those who have had access to a specialised type of sensitive information,
they are not just from one side, but every side, contemporary and past, military and administration and those who saw
something they were never meant to see. They have no names and wear a penny-farthing (the corporate identity of the Village) badge that displays the number assigned to them.

The inhabitants appear to be ignorant to whom the Village owes allegiance. Prisoners and warders walk side by side, the
deferentialblurred.The only clear authority figure is the roster of male and females assigned the number 2, McGoohan's
unnamed civilian character is allocated number six. The Village want to know why the prisoner number six resigned.

Lord Lou Grade's company ITC had made several film series Danger Man, Man In A Suitcase, The Champions, Department
S, and its spin off Jason King, The Baron, The Persuaders, Randell And Hopkirk Deceased, The Saint all of Gerry Andersons
output including the puppet shows, series UFO, Space 1999. All of had a high production values, while made for the small
screen all on 35mm film. For a British produced production a rarity. Lew Grade always with an eye on sales overseas
ensured the amount of episodes needed to fill a foreign territory TV schedule and being on film meant no expensive
standard conversion for video tape that was still in its low resolution infancy.

The things that make "the Prisoner" stand out, is the show headed for and reached a conclusion, unklike "Lost In Space"
"Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea", "Time Tunnel", "land Of the Giants, all produced by Irwin Allen and even the ITC
shows and the original "Star Trek. As they all came to an end the characters were unchanged and the shows have been on
aloop playing somewhere in some country at some time. The only other show that had a conclusion was the American show
"The Fugitive"

The Prisoner still looks good, the Village attire prevents a certain amount of fixing it to a specific eara, the use within the
Village of cordless phones along with a rudimentary debit card brings it an almost shot tomorrow quality.

Being aware of the show as a child and then as a teenager in the 1970s late night the various and some now defunked I.T.V.
regions, re-screened the whole series. Igniting my curiosity, video recorders were an expensive luxury and VHS had yet to
claim sovereignty. I would read any article in the burgeoning specialist Sci/Fi magazines, joined the Appreciation Society,
discovered the novels based on the show. Reading them with a vigour that only matched disappointment of them. As a
direct result of devouring anything Prisoner related my dyslexia that had hindered my reading saw a marked improvement.
For that alone Mr Mcgoohan and or Mr Markstien I am so grateful. I made new fiends visited the London locations with other
like minded. Then I got a whole other view of "the Prisoner", as well as a physiological and surreal thriller I was introduced
to the philosophical the allegorical.

There are those who say that the series was one happy set of accidents, but if you take that budgets, call sheets and scripts
have to made in advance along with booking actors and location filming permits then that statements starts to loose its cohesion.

The penultimate episode Once Upon A Time was scheduled in the production run as the 6th to be made, McGoohan must
have known were he was heading. If you look at the link at the bottom of this page, the Canadian interview there is so much
truth there that has been verified, by those who have nothing to loose or gain by the substantiation of the facts. There is
one theory about it all that I like, if the Prisoner had not been taken to the Village he would have happily told those who
asked why he resigned, it was the intrusion the striping of ones identify that he so objected to that made him single minded.

I only have to walk to my high street to be under the watchful eye of the numerous CCTV cameras, and if I was to venture
into town my every move can be followed. Debit cards are replacing money so long as we know our number, and even that
is being replaced by a quicker means to transfer money.

When Leo Merkern returned to make The Chimes Of Big Ben as Number Two his character hoped that the world would
become the Village. Technology is becoming universally inter connectble (Windows 10), the internet has provided us with
the want for standardisation and instant gratification, we have cordless phones wireless speakers, all part of the 1967 version of the Village.

And the reason why he resigned? Whose side are you on? Where is the Village? Just don't matter, We and the Prisoner
know its not about how fast and far you can run, because when you single-minded ambition has enabled you to reach that
goal, you have to give in or keep running, there is no escape just the labels we give to ease the truth.

If I have peaked your interest you don't have rush out to buy the box set you can view episodes online for free. Check out
the opening episode, it is one of the best pilot episodes for a series, it is on youtube or go to Google enter "the Prisoner
episode Arrival" in the search box, then click the Videos link directly under the box, and away you go.    Enjoy.

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