Not a lone voice.
There are times when I feel like going to the top of the Gherkin and shouting,
"I f*$+%&g told you!"

In "To Stream or not to stream" I was concerned that our service providers seem worryingly
unperturbed by the lack of providing anything near the speeds they advertise. This was in
the light of Amazon allowing you to store its programme content on your storage device,
rather than streaming.

Then in the London's Evening Standard I read that ex-minister Anna Soubry has put forward
that BT should not be part of Open reach, this would then allow the internet access to evolve
to be our fourth utility along side gas, electricity, and water.

The article goes on to say that despite BT's claims that 90% of the UK is getting these high
speeds, constituents and not service providers are the ones who brought this problem to
Mrs Sourbry. They are not just households but businesses! While the UK is 26th in the high
speed, rankings our service providers just don't seem to care, and even when it has been
clearly shown that BT is once again dragging their feet our service providers are again
reluctant to ask BT to pull their finger out.

Changing service provider is not the answer as the cables still need to be replaced.

Mrs Sourbry rightly voiced her concerns at BT being given another second chance.
A government commissioned report by the Commons Culture Select Committee was
astonished that millions of homes and businesses still don't have access to the superior

We know the problem, we know what bits of paper and emails need to be pushed around
the right destinations, so why is nothing being done?

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