1. Adam West is the correct height for Bruce Wayne.

2. Adam Westís Batman costume actually looks like the one in the comic books of the time the movie was made.

3. None of the major characters have had their origins rewritten.

4. Alan Napierís Alfred doesnít let anyone into the Batcave who shouldnít be there.

5. Neil Hamilton unlike Pat Hingle plays Commissioner sober.

6. Unlike everyone else Adam West Batman is not spending every sleeping moment thinking about his
    parentís death.

7. The plot was original and not cherry picked.

8. Adam West can turn his head.

9. Adam West takes on 4 villains and defeats all 4 in only 1 hour 40 minutes and 37 seconds.

10. Adam West's Batman doesnít kill anyone.

11. All 4 villains are used well and not props (see Bane in Batman and Robin)

12. Adam West deducts who the villains are in 1 minute 24 seconds.

13. Adam West's Batman can exit a building without stealing an escape route from a Bond film.

14. Adam West drives the Batmobile with due care and attention, unlike Christian Bale who happily
      drive over roof tops and fires missiles at Gotham P.D. running city repair bills into millions.

15. Adam Westís utility belt actually has compartments for his gadgets.

16. Adam West's Bruce Wayne has no desire to tell any pretty face that he is Batman.

17. Adam West solves a global crisis.

18. Adam West doesnít need an amour plated costume.

19. Adam West doesnít need panda make-up to wear his cowl.

20. Adam West had fights in the street in broad day light before the Dark Knight Rises.

21. Adam Westís Batmobile Batcave entrance is well hidden and it will take more than a grappling hook
      to grain admission.

22. Unlike Christian Bale no one can guess by the look in his eyes that Adam West is Bruce Wayne is Batman.

23. Unlike Christian Bale Adam Westís Batman solved more than 3 major crimes.

24. Adam Westís costume change is a flick of the switch and not a drawn out event which in Batman Forever
      bordered on homo erotica.

25. When Adam West Batman allows someone other than Alfred or Robin into the Batcave he makes sure
      that they are unconscious so not reveal itís location or Bruce and Dickís dual identity.

26. When Adam Westís Batman takes to the air it is in a real helicopter and not CGI or poor model work.

27. Adam Westís Batman labels all his equipment correctly unlike Michael Keatonís Batwing.

28. Adam West doesnít put pot holes in Gothamís main street while failing to shoot the Joker.

29. Frank Gorshinís even with all his camp is still more menacing and closer to the comics than Jim Carey.

30. Adam Westís Batman is only to aware that he needs to shelter from an exploding bomb, as opposed
      from Christian Bale who walks away from a nuclear explosion.

31. Christian Bale has totally useless functions for his extendo Bat glove fingers while Adam West has totally
      useful shark repellent spray.

32. Adam Westís Batman has more than one way of being contacted.

33. Adam Westís Batman has never allowed a villain to totally destroy Wayne Manor or the Batcave.

34. Adam Westís Batman knows the radio frequency needed to jam a Polaris missile with a homing
      device in the nose cone.

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